This page is designed to help you find the questions you need before having to go through or CoC. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, please refer to your CoC for help.

General Questions

Q: I am having trouble getting in touch with my Unit Commander. What should I do?
A: Try going up your Chain of Command (CoC), as they can usually help you. If you cannot get a response, please feel free to contact Brett Knuth .

Application Questions

Q: I have applied at the Virtual United States Air Force, so now what?
A: Check your email. All details are sent there. (Check your Spam folder too!)

Q: I applied, but never got an email. Why is this?
A: Under normal circumstances, the mail server will send you the email within a matter of seconds. However, the server can be busy and have a large amount of emails in line to be sent out. Moreover, your E-mail provider's server can be busy as well. If you haven't recieved an email within 12-24 hours, please contact us by clicking here. It could also be that you have Spam controls blocking it, or the wrong address.

Q: I need assistance with the Training Syllabus. Who can I ask?
A: You should contact the commander of the Air Education and Training Command

Login Questions

Q: What is the difference between my PIN and USAF ID?
A: Your PIN will always be the same. It never changes. Your USAF ID, however, can change if you transfer to a different squadron, MAJCOM, etc. The PIN is a number in the database that the server uses to recognize you and your stats.

Q: Help! I have forgotten my password!
A: Have no worries fellow officer. When you are at the login screen, hit "I forgot my password" and you will be brought up to a screen to retrieve it.

Q: How do I change my password or update my E-mail address?
A: To update your password, simply go into the portal and go to your options and select a new password or email. If it does not work, contact Brett Knuth

Mission Assignments

Q: I cannot access my Mission Assignments. What is wrong?
A: Make sure you are A. Logged in and B. Are assigned to your proper squadron. If not, contact Brett Knuth

Q: What is the Mission ID?
A: The Mission ID, simply put, is the identifier for your current mission assignment. You include this in your MISREP to get credit for that particular mission. In some cases, you aren't given a Mission ID if you are doing an extra-cirricular flight.

MISREP Questions

Q: I have filed my MISREP, but the Portal doesn't reflect those hours.
A: Your MISREP may be pending approval by your commander

Q: I messed up my MISREP, and it hasn't been approved. Can I edit this MISREP?
A: Yes. Just go to your portal and hit "Edit MISREP." It is there you can change what you need to change.

Q: My Commander is LOA. Who can approve my MISREP?
A: Go up the CoC. They'll help you .

Q: My MISREP was approved, my Portal was updated, but the Mission didn't go away from the assignment page
A: Uh-oh! This means you didn't include the Mission ID. Contact your MAJCOM commander so they can remove it from the database. If they cannot remove it, conact an administrator.

Q: I am not showing up on the Mission Assignments page. Why is this?
A: You don't have a mission assigned to you. Contact your CoC for a new assignment.