Member Submitted Pictures

    • Air Force One on Final Approach

      POTUS returning home after his vacation.

    • ACC B-52 Bomber

      B-52 on roll-out after a successful mission.

    • F-16 Red Flag Alaska Mission

      Aggressor force looking for some targets.

    • Now that's a tight formation

      F-16 pilot Chris Dub and C-130 pilot Maciej Urbanski, in a nice turning formation.

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    Total Members: 81

    Flights this Month: 51

    Flight Hrs this Month: 77:27

    New Members this Month: 0

    Command Staff Hrs: 2:44

    ACC Flight Hrs: 14:16

    AMC Flight Hrs: 46:27

    AFSOC Flight Hrs: 00:00

    AETC Flight Hrs: 14:00

    Personnel Updates

    JOSHUA ALLISON LOA from 2015-10-05 - 2015-11-05 on 2015-10-05

    BRAD NEWMAN LOA from 2015-10-05 - 2015-11-05 on 2015-10-05

    CURTIS YOUNG vMGen Curtis Young has shown unwavering dedication and professionalism above and beyond the call of duty as Director of Personnel/vAFDP/A1. vMGen Young assumed his duties in January of 2012. Young has consistently executed all his assigned duties for almost 4 years to the highest level of standards without thought to himself and focusing on the club and its personnel. It is therefore recommended that vMGen Young be awarded the vUSAF Distinguished Service Medal. This distinctive accomplishment by vMGen Curtis Young reflects great credit upon himself, the Air Staff, and the Virtual United States Air Force. on 2015-10-05

    CURTIS YOUNG Awarded the VUSAF Distinguished Service Medal on 2015-10-05

    BRANDON COOK MQT-601 on 2015-10-03

    BRANDON COOK Completed MSN-600 on 2015-10-03

    MICHAEL BENNETT IFS104 on 2015-10-03

    MICHAEL BENNETT IFS103 on 2015-10-03

    MICHAEL BENNETT IFS102 on 2015-10-03

    MICHAEL BENNETT IFS101 on 2015-10-03


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