Member Submitted Pictures

    • Air Force One on Final Approach

      POTUS returning home after his vacation.

    • ACC B-52 Bomber

      B-52 on roll-out after a successful mission.

    • F-16 Red Flag Alaska Mission

      Aggressor force looking for some targets.

    • Now that's a tight formation

      F-16 pilot Chris Dub and C-130 pilot Maciej Urbanski, in a nice turning formation.

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    Monthly Statistics

    Total Members: 79

    Flights this Month: 137

    Flight Hrs this Month: 180:21

    New Members this Month: 6

    Command Staff Hrs: 8:08

    ACC Flight Hrs: 55:36

    AMC Flight Hrs: 78:22

    AFSOC Flight Hrs: 00:00

    AETC Flight Hrs: 38:15

    Personnel Updates

    TAYLER JONES joined vUSAF to fly the C17 on 2016-05-29

    joined vUSAF to fly the F16 on 2016-05-29

    LUCA TRABOCCHINI LOA from 2016-05-23 - 2016-06-26 on 2016-05-23

    LUKE BETTIS PCS orders to 9th Bomb Squadron on 2016-05-19

    LUKE BETTIS Primary aircraft is now B1 on 2016-05-19

    LUKE BETTIS Call Sign changed to A7311 from A7714 on 2016-05-19

    GREIG GILBERT joined vUSAF to fly the C130 on 2016-05-19

    RENATO MOURA Completed IFT-103. on 2016-05-18

    RENATO MOURA IFT-103 on 2016-05-18


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