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NOTAM NameODF 2017-2017
NOTAM Creation Date2017-12-22
NOTAM Publish Date2017-12-21


This is a reminder for all pilots participating in Deep Freeze this year.


#1.. per Drew Ritz, AMC/CC

     Pilots, please ensure you are resonding in the forums when you complete a mission. It is ok to close a mission and request another inthe same post. just ensure you are letting us know the first one is done so we can accurately update! This will help moving through mission phases. thank you!

#2   In addition to runing ACARS you MUST submit an ODF Misrep. This form is located here...Deep Freeze page.

      Failure to file an ODF Misrep hampers our ability to keep an accurate count of activity, cago, and people moved.

#3    Scoreboard 

      I want to see all eligable pilots names on this.....

William Friedman, vLtGen, vUSAF A1003I
Director of Air and Space Operations (AF/A3)
The Pentagon, Washington DC.



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