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NOTAM Creation Date2017-12-30
NOTAM Publish Date2017-12-30


Just to ensure we are all provided the same information, this NOTAM will go out to all.  

When flying on VATSIM, all pilots will enter "" in the remarks section.   This is how we advertise who we are, and show others we are active.  This is a recruiting tool, to those who may be seeking a vSOA to perform military operations.  Each of you when flying are recruiters, and as such this will help build our ranks, and events with more pilots become more fun in the end. 

Next is the SIMACARS Reports;

Enter detailed information concerning your flight especially if it is related to an event.   Tactical Call Signs are not used for normal operations and are reserved for events.    There is some exceptions to this for AMC which will use the "RCHxxxx" call sign when flying outside the CONUS.    Other times we use the "Axxx" callsign for Air Force.  If you have questions the Chain of Command will help you and also assign callsigns as required for events with the missions. 

Pilots Comment Section can be used to relay information about your flight/mission for the purpose of tracking.   How many landings did you perform.   Did you perform any tactical events in the flight such as overhead breaks, max effort takeoffs or landings.   Dropped any paratroops, or cargo for AMC, or ordance for ACC.  The Commanders when assigning missions should have this information reported back.     We have went from an automated process that tracked all this for you to the current SIMACARS that doesn't.   Part of our currency requirements had tracked this information and now it is really up to each pilot and commanders to track. 


As this new site is being expanded with Airframes and Tail Numbers please keep in mind that booking and releasing of aircraft is important.  Many people fly the same type of airframes, and we are ensuring enough tail numbers to go around. 


Thank you for all the flights and participation in the events.

LTG Don Price

Neither the Department of the Air Force, nor any other component of the Department of Defense or Federal Government has approved, endorsed, or authorized this promotion, activity, or organization. Virtual United States Air Force organization is in no way affiliated with the Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, or any other federal or government entity. Virtual United States Air Force is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts with the common interest of promoting enjoyment and cameraderie through the simulation of military operations and procedures utilizing several flight simulation platforms.

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