Virtual United States Air Force


1. A valid VATSIM ID is required for membership in vUSAF,and must be included on your application. Applications without a valid VATSIM ID will be removed..To protect the Virtual United States Air Force organization, Pilots must be a minimum 16 years of age in order to apply for membership.

2. All VATSIM rules (including VSOA) as well as all vUSAF vAFI's are to be strictly adhered to.

3. Pilots will be allowed to select ONE primary airframe. The majority of the real world USAF inventory is available with a few exceptions.

     A. NOTE: The 55th Wing's (55 WG) E-4B National Air Operations Center (NAOC) aircraft and any of the Special Air Mission (SAM) aircraft operated by the 89th Airlift Wing (89 AW), e.g., VC-25/Air Force OneC-32C-40, etc., are not options for new graduates of the Airlift/Tanker track. Prospective E-4 and VC-25/C-32/C-40 pilots must be qualified in an airlift, tanker, or other intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft before applying to fly the E-4 or any SAM aircraft. Pilots will also be able to be hired on as a contractor flying Patriot Express flights in a variety of airliners.Pilots can only choose to be uniformed personnel or a contractor, not both.

4. The most common tactical aircraft in use at vUSAF are the F-22,F-35, F-15E, F-16 and A-10.(VRS Tacpack is STRONGLY recomended, but not mandatory) The most common transport aircraft are the C-130 and C-17. For those pilots wanting something similar to an airliner the KC-10 and KC-135(Modified DC-10 and modified B707)are available. For those wanting a mixture, the B-1,B-2 and B-52 are available.

5. All new Pilots will attend and graduate AETC before being assigned to their Major Command. See #8.

6. All Pilots are expected to adhere to the vUSAF Privacy Policy Rules.

7. All Pilots must agree that their real first name, last name and VATSIM ID can be public information pursuant to VATSIM and VATSIM VSOA Rules.

8.  All new Pilots will be required to attend and complete our inhouse VATSIM VSO Pilot Training program which includes the following minimum criteria:

A. Complete the VATSIM Pilot Resource Center (PRC) course material on General Lessons and

VATSIM basics.

B. One hour of aircraft familiarization in VFR conditions verifying that a pilot can maintain

control of an aircraft.

C. Two hours of navigation exercises involving the use of one or more of the following:

VOR/NDB/DME/GPS radio systems in VFR conditions.

D. Three hours of navigation exercises involving the use of the following: VOR/NDB/DME/GPS

radio systems in IFR conditions to include completing precision, non- precision approaches (VOR,


E. Four hours of advanced online flight training experience in utilizing aircraft for their designed

purpose, such as, fighter, bomber, tanker, cargo, surveillance, carrier operations, etc.

F. Partners that perform formation flight maneuvers to include aerial refueling shall include four

hours of online formation flight training / experience in their training program with another pilot who

has met the requirements of this program. This portion of the program shall cover MARSA,

communications, common 2 & 4 ship maneuvers etc.

G. All partners so designated by the VPVASO to have a training program shall meet the above

standards. New potential partners shall have a complete program ready for use before applying for

partnership and said program shall meet the above minimum standards. Partners that are required

by this policy or by direction of the VPVASO to have a pilot training program are expected to ensure

that their members complete their training programs and demonstrate knowledge and skill with

their aircraft. Lastly, each partner shall include specialized and realistic training on the proper

employment of their aircraft. Any partner failing to maintain training may be subject to dismissal

from affiliation with the VSO.

H. All VSO partners are permitted to “fast-track” new recruits only if they have been verified as

a certified VSO pilot in another Vatsim approved VSO or have a verifiable Real World Pilots License. Any other recruit not meeting the

aforementioned standards must complete the minimum training as listed above. There will be no

exceptions to this rule.

Required Email address use and NOTAM Subscription

The VUSAF LLC, an internet-based entity, uses email as its primary and preferred communication media.  All VUSAF, LLC members are automatically subscribed to the email distribution list. This list is used to distribute information to all users of the VUSAF, LLC network.

Furthermore, acknowledging that email being the primary communication media, all members of the VUSAF LLC, are expected to agree to allow various levels of management (a.k.a. Chain of Command) to utilize provided email address for official communications to include but not limited to various levels of mass email lists/groups for the purposes of official email communications.  The vUSAF is committed to your privacy and protection, and therefore has completed requirements for the European GPDR Privacy law effective May 2018.  The document is linked below.


Neither the Department of the Air Force, nor any other component of the Department of Defense or Federal Government has approved, endorsed, or authorized this promotion, activity, or organization. Virtual United States Air Force organization is in no way affiliated with the Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, or any other federal or government entity. Virtual United States Air Force is a group of flight simulation enthusiasts with the common interest of promoting enjoyment and cameraderie through the simulation of military operations and procedures utilizing several flight simulation platforms.

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